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Fencing Repairs

Despite their durability, there will likely come a time when your chain-link fence, wrought iron fence, or electric gate will need to be repaired. Severe weather, old age, falling tree limbs, and other types of factors can lead to deterioration of parts of the fence or damage to specific areas.

Thankfully, repairs for chain-link fencing, wrought iron fencing, and electric gates can usually be completed without the need to replace the entire fence or gate system. At California Fence and Supply, we provide fencing repairs for chain-link and wrought iron fence systems, as well as electric gates. We’ll come out to your property, assess the extent of the issue and determine the best repair method to restore your fencing system to as good as new.

closeup of broken chain link

Common Chain-Link Fencing Repairs

Chain-link fencing is very durable and holds up well over time, but there are some problems that can arise due to weather conditions or heavy wear and tear. Some of the more common repairs that arise on chain-link fences include:

  • Replacement of fence posts: If you have wood fence posts, they may rot or deteriorate before the rest of the chain-link fence, requiring replacement. Metal fence posts can also sustain damage, bending or leaning and requiring adjustment or replacement.
  • Repairing fence links: Chain-link fence links can get broken or damaged by falling tree limbs, fence collisions, or other incidents. Our team can replace them and repair any holes in fencing with new mesh.
  • Tightening sagging fencing: A fence post out of place can lead to unsightly sagging in chain-link fences. Our team can shore up weak posts and tighten the fence to improve its appearance and function.

Wrought Iron Fencing Repairs

Wrought iron fencing can last decades, or even centuries, if cared for properly. This beautiful, durable fencing material is extremely sturdy and holds up well under wear and tear, but it does require some maintenance. Some of the most common repairs we perform for wrought iron fences include:

  • Recoating: You will likely need to recoat your wrought iron fence every few years to help protect it from rust and other damage. Our team can complete this coating process for you, ensuring the fence is thoroughly protected.
  • Replacing components: After decades of use, harsh conditions, or impact from a vehicle crash or other collision, there may be parts of your wrought iron fence that are brittle, broken, or bent. Our team can replace these pieces of the fence by welding new steel components to the existing fence.
electric gate in tropical community

Electric Gate Repairs

Whether the problem with your electric gate is in its appearance or function, our team can help. Some common electric gate repairs include:

  • Electrical repairs: Often, the problem with an electric gate stems from the electric components. Our team will assess the issue and replace or repair components as necessary to restore function.
  • Structural repairs: If the problem with your gate is in the gate itself, our team can easily repair the problem, replacing portions of the gate or installing a new gate.