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Types of fencing we install.

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Wrought Iron Fencing 
We install ornamental steel that bring an extra touch of elegance to your property, and also provide security. This type of fencing is typically created from tubular bars and comes in a wide variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional. We also install it in a number of standard colors.

Chain Link Fencing 
Chain link is the best-selling fencing system in the world - and for good reason. It is perhaps the most effective yet economical fencing barrier available today. We install chain-link that is known for its strength and durability and that offers the most affordable way to protect children, control pets and protect your property and assets.

Gates and Entry Systems
Gates are the finishing touch on any fencing system. For the ultimate in entrances, ornamental metal gates - with optional automated entry systems - are popular installations in upscale residences, country estates, limited access neighborhoods, condominium complexes and ranches or businesses. We also install standard wood and chain-link gates.

Security Fencing
When making the choice of fencing for security purposes, you must first answer this question: How sensitive or valuable are the assets or property to be protected? The answer will determine how impervious to intruders the fencing system needs to be. We can design a system using any number of anti-climbing, anti-cutting and/or terrorism resistance features.

When choosing a kennel we first ask: How much space is needed by the animal? We also fabricate “dog runs” for our dog owners with gate openings. We can make both the kennels and dog runs to our customer specifications.

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California Fence and Supply
California Fence and Supply
California Fence and Supply
California Fence and Supply